So, who are the Admin of this forum ????

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So, who are the Admin of this forum ????

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 29, 2008 9:07 pm

Who are we......

Lou Saban

You all know Lou, she's the one who strop's off in the Rose if you have'nt bought in by a quarter past eight on a Friday night, the one who chunters if you pay the buyin with £20 notes and the one who will shout and scream if you put all your chips in out of turn.

What you probably don't know, is that it was Lou's baby to get the Ace of Clubs up and running in 2005, and ever since she has put in countless hours behind the scenes and fought numerous battles to keep it going. Lou can actually play poker too, she once won back to back $200 multi table tournaments in Binions in Las Vegas and then followed that up by returning the following year and winning another one just for good measure. She has played with all the top European female poker players in various tournaments and is married to one of the most talented up and coming poker amateurs in the country, so why she screams and shouts on a Friday is anybodies guess.

Here's a photo, stolen from the APAT archives.


Known by many on the amateur poker circuit, this lady could probably walk in and order " A pint of tenants super, with a slice of hagis " completely unnoticed at the Rose. Mary Martin is probably best known for being the first woman player to win an APAT event. She won the individual first prize beating 200 of the best of this nations poker amateurs along the way in the team event, representing the Raise The River forum, which eventually came second in 2008. Although she doesn't often get the chance to travel to visit the club in person, she is there in spirit and always promoting its good name,listen out for it in next year's WSOP winners speech.

Here's another picture, nicked from the APAT archive's - god bless'em


Some say he's a complete tw@t for raising with 72o, Some say he's just pure genius...

All we know, he's called Admin. We nicked this picture off the web too......


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